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Q: What is raw dog food?

A: Raw dog food is literally raw meat, organs and bone that are ground together, sometimes with fruits, vegetables or other ingredients.

Q: What is Dehydrated Raw?

A: Dehydrated raw contains the same ingredients as frozen raw dog food (meats, organ meats, fruits, vegetables, etc.). These ingredients are ground and blended together and then slowly air-dried using a combination of very low temperature and circulating air.

Q: Is Dehydrated Raw Food Safe?

A: Yes, it is very safe. Dehydrating is one of the oldest methods of food preservation which removes moisture in foods to eliminate the growth of bacteria and molds without actually cooking the foods.

Q: Why do Boo Boo’s Best boosters! contain fruits and vegetables?

A: Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthful, and just like us humans, our dogs can benefit from the added fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that fruits and vegetables contain.

Q: Are boosters! shelf stable?

A: Yes, boosters! can be safely stored in a cool, dry place for over a year.  To extend shelf life even further, store in the freezer.

Q: Why is raw dog food good for dogs?

A: Raw food is what dogs are designed to eat. Please see our Why Raw? page for details.

Q: Are boosters! Gluten-Free?

A: They sure are!

Q: Are boosters! grain-free?

A: Completely! boosters! are also corn and soy free, and contain no artificial ingredients of any kind.

Q: Are boosters! organic?

A: Not technically. While boosters! contain organic vegetables as part of their ingredients, they are not certified organic.

Q: Does raw dog food help dogs lose weight?

A: It certainly can help! Commercial kibbles are loaded with processed carbohydrates; this in turn has contributed to an epidemic of obesity in our dogs. A diet of whole, natural proteins and vegetables can help a dog lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Q: Will the addition of raw foods help most dogs?

A: Yes, raw foods can help most dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Q: What sort of additives are in most non-raw dog foods?

A: The list is long and very scary! Please see our blogs, Is Kibble Bad for Dogs? and Is Wet Dog Food Better than Dry?

Q: Why do boosters! cost more than some other treats?

A: Just as with human food, whole, high-quality meats (especially unusual ones like kangaroo, goat and rabbit), and organic fruits and vegetables can be expensive. But we firmly believe the health benefits are worth it!

Q: Why is there Bison Heart and Fat in many of Your Formulas?

A: Meats like Kangaroo, Rabbit that isn’t from China and Goat are extremely expensive.  The addition of Bison Heart allows us to reduce the price to you while still supplying your dog with an incredibly nutritious and healthful treat and food topper.  Heart is loaded with nutrients, and bison, in the world of food energetics, is considered a neutral protein. Bison is also a novel protein which is less likely to cause allergic reactions than overly-used proteins like chicken, beef and lamb.

Bison fat is added because kangaroo, goat and rabbit are incredibly lean proteins, and additional fat is needed in order for the formulas to dehydrate correctly without becoming excessively hard and brittle.  Fat is also necessary for dogs’ health.  Most dogs are not overweight from consuming too much fat, but rather from consuming the excessive carbohydrates and unhealthful ingredients in commercial kibbles.

Q: Is your dog food processed?

A: No, our raw food is gently and slowly air-dried, which removes the moisture from the food without damaging the nutrients. This dehydration process allows for a product that does not require refrigeration, and is therefore easier to bring on vacation,or to have for an emergency. This drying process also helps to eliminate bacteria that may be present in the food.

Q: Why is the dried food all one color?

A: Our meat, vegetables and other ingredients are all ground together, then spread in a thin sheet to dry. The grinding and blending process create a uniform color, and the drying causes the food to darken.

Q : How do I serve Boo Boo’s Best?

A: Our treats and meat and vegetable blends can be fed as treats, sprinkled over your dog’s current meal as a food-topper, or rehydrated with water and used to replace a portion of your dog’s current food.

Q: What is d-alpha Tocopherol?

A: This is a natural source of Vitamin E, and is a powerful antioxidant which is used to help maintain the freshness of foods.

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