“Before Boo Boo’s Best, our 10-year old Shepherd mix Jack was overweight, stiff with arthritis and having loose stool or diarrhea 5-10 times a day. Within a few days of starting Jack on Boo Boo’s Best, his stool was perfect, and after about 6 months on the food, he had gotten down to a perfect weight, was running and walking more smoothly and even started jumping up again to catch the ball. He seems years younger!! Boo Boo’s Best made Jack a different dog, in the best way possible.”

– Avery & Ben, Healdsburg, CA

“My 4 year old Australian cattledog mix Calvin gets about 3 hours of exercise a day at the park with me. He’d gotten bored with his kibble, and I wanted to switch him over to a raw diet. I decided to switch him to Boo Boo’s Best and it was the best decision I’ve made when it comes to feeding my dog! Calvin is a different animal at dinner time now- instead ignoring his kibble (even if I tried to entice him by mixing it with a little cottage cheese or scrambled eggs), Calvin is ready for dinner like clockwork: he is super thrilled to eat his meal, finishes the entire dish and pleads with me for seconds! I’ve noticed he has more energy now, is a really healthy weight (our vet was thrilled with his weight and told me how most dogs are technically overweight even if they don’t look it and this contributes to a shorter lifespan), and is happier all around. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

– S.C., San Francisco

“We met Jocelyn over a year ago at the Stonestown farmer’s market and decided to try her gourmet raw food for our 11-pound Lola, an SPCA special! Lola had been a finicky eater ever since we got her. However, Boo Boo’s Best did the trick and we have been feeding her the raw diet ever since. She loves the food and lets us know when her dinner time rolls around. We attribute Lola’s good health to Boo Boo’s Best and long neighborhood walks, and we are particularly grateful for the firm, formed deposits that are easy to pick up! Boo Boo’s Best really is the BEST.”

– Emilia & Sudhir, San Francisco

“Boo Boo’s Best is simply outstanding raw dog food! My dog, Clementine, and our holiday guest Miss Molly both drooled over the food as they practiced their “leave it” skills. Their eager enjoyment of eating was proof positive to me that the quality of your food was at least matched, if not surpassed, by it’s taste! Thank you so much for making an outstanding food for our family dogs! I will recommend Boo Boo’s Best without reservation to my clients!”

– lisa knaggs,
Relax Your Dog, Denver CO