Meet The Team

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TITLE: Owner and Founder

In the pet food industry, people who create or invent food and treats for dogs are called Food Scientists.

I am not a Food Scientist. I do not believe that human or dog food should be built in a lab. I believe they should come from nature. I am a pet mom, who wants nothing but the best for my Boo Boo.



TITLE: Co-Owner

Steve is my husband and Boo Boo’s dad. He was at first an unwitting participant in this dog-treat venture, but since seeing how excitedly dogs respond to these delicious treats and seeing how healthy our Boo Boo is on a diet of minimally-processed food and treats, he has become a convert!

When he’s not helping out with Boo Boo’s Best he is working at his own job and riding his road-bike up and down the hills of San Francisco and Marin.


Boo Boo

TITLE: Official Taste-Tester

Being this cute is hard work! The inspiration for why we created Boo Boo’s Best, learn more about our story and how we started here.