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Help With Digestive Issues

Certain proteins and grains can trigger sensitivities and digestive issues, so our treats contain more unusual proteins and are grain-free.

Chicken, beef and lamb have been used for so long in pet foods and treats that many holistic veterinarians and practitioners believe some dogs and cats have developed sensitivities to them, which can trigger various issues.

Exotic proteins like alligator, goat, and kangaroo are far less likely to cause any digestive issues or allergies the way treats made with traditional proteins and grains may.

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Superfoods Do A Body Good

With 100% all natural ingredients and humanely raised, antibiotic free protein, our treats are packed with all the vitamins and proteins needed to support healthy joint health, weight management, heart, skin, coat and immune system health.

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Even The Pickiest Eaters Can’t Resist

Our treats have what we call "flavor magic", a taste so delicious even the pickiest eaters can't resist! We've lost count of the number of times customers in stores or at one of our pop-ups have told us that their dogs are super picky and don't like anything, only to watch in amazement as their dogs happily eat our treats and then beg for more!

These treats are lip-smacking good. Must be our stellar, whole-food ingredients and dehydration process which uses low temps to slowly dehydrate while preserving optimum nutrition and taste.