Your Dog Will Jump Through Hoops To Get These Treats!


Certain proteins and grains can trigger sensitivities and digestive issues, so our treats contain more unusual proteins and are grain-free.

If your furry friend suffers from digestive issues, food allergies, or is simply a picky eater, our treats were created with your pet in mind. 

It also means you can rest assured that our treats are irresistible to even the pickiest eaters, are healthy and easy to take on the go!  

After creating nutritious treats for our dog (Boo Boo), I wanted to create something all pet owners could feel good feeding their beloved animal without sacrificing flavor.
— Jocelyn Rosenthal, Owner Boo Boo's Best

Created With Your Pet In Mind

+ "Exotic" Proteins

Exotic, novel proteins are far less likely to cause any digestive issues or allergies the way treats made with traditional proteins and grains may.

+ Easy To Take Anywhere

Tired of crumbling freeze-dried dog treats that leave a pile of powder in your pocket or bait bag? Or treats that are so hard you can't break them into small pieces? Our treats go through a low temperature dehydration process that retains the nutrients and flavor but also makes them shelf-stable and easy to tear into small pieces without falling apart.

+ High-Value Training Treats

These treats are so scrumptious dogs will do anything for them, which makes them fantastic training treats. Whether you're working on training a puppy, working on manners, tricks, walking on leash or have a sporting dog participatingn in agility, flyball or nosework, you won't believe how these treats motivate your dog to reach new heights.

+ Added Nutrition For Every Meal

If you want to add nutrition to your dog or cat's daily meal, you can sprinkle a few of your pet's favorite Boo Boo's Best treat into their food.

Not only will they love the taste, you can rest assured that they will be getting the protein and healthy superfood ingredients they need to live their best life.

Why wouldn't you want to provide a boost of delicious, natural, wholesome, healthful, whole-food nutrition every day. So delicious they entice even the pickiest eaters!

+ Joint Health

Natural Glucoasime and Chondroitin Sulfate in our Mighty Mussels Green-Lipped Mussels treats naturally benefit joint health.

+ Heart, Immune System, Skin + Coat, Joints

Our Mighty Mussels, Crave-Able Calamari, Groovy Gator, and Salmon Recipe Superfood Nuggets treats contain natural Omega-3 Fatty Acids which support joint, heart, skin, coat and immune system health.

+ A Texture for Every Dog & Cat

Our boosters! Groovy Gator, Perfect Pork & Wild Boar, Remarkable Rabbit, KangaBoo, and Glorious Goat treats are jerky-style treats with a soft texture that tear easily into small bite-size pieces perfect for training and for older dogs and cats or pets with sensitive teeth and mouths.

boosters! Mighty Mussels and Crave-Able Calamari treats are hard and crunchy, perfect for dogs and cats who like to crunch and chew.

SuperFood Nuggets Treats for Dogs are small, smoky, chewy nuggets adored by dogs and cats alike, perfect for training or a small treat on-the-go!