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Should You Let Your Dog Sniff?

"The dog’s sense of smell is so adept that a blind dog has much less difficulty adjusting to the loss of vision than a human does."

When dogs start sniffing each other’s nether regions, chances are they’re learning far more about each other than you and the other dog’s owner are learning through idle chitchat. Exactly what the dogs are learning, and what they do with that information, has yet to be figured out by science.

Bottom line: let your dogs take the time they need to smell!

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10 Tips To Potty Train a Puppy

Much as I hate to admit it, since Boo Boo was our first dog, we made a lot of mistakes with him, and I will write a whole separate blog about that another time.

But one thing we actually did very successfully was potty training.

This method is maybe not ideal for everyone, but for us it really worked well, and it allowed us to get the job done relatively quickly and with very few accidents.

Here are a few tips that worked for us … hopefully they will help you on your potty training journey!

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Time Out For Dogs

When Steve first held Boo Boo at the adoption place, this small puppy curled up on his chest, and put his soft wet nose up to steve;’s chin and made sweet little snuffly noises. What a gem, we thought. The we got him home.

This was our first dog, so we had no idea what to expect, but we had read some puppy books and watched a lot of DOG Whisperer, so we thought we knew exactly what we were doing.

Plus, we thought, how hard could a puppy be? Luckily for use we had the help of a professional to teach us everything we needed to know. Check out the highlights of what we learned about using timeouts for training!

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How To Break up a Dog Fight

Most of us have probably experienced it, that moment of absolute panic and helplessness when what seemed like harmless play or a perfectly regular doggie meeting suddenly turns into a full-on fight, teeth bared and fur flying. And then the big question: what do I do?!!  How do I stop it without getting hurt myself?!

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