Boo Boo’s “Flavor Magic”

Boo Boo's Best has a little something we like to call flavor magic, meaning that some alchemy of our healthy whole-food ingredients and our dehydration process produces treats that even the pickiest of eaters seem to love.

We've lost count of the number of times a customer has said their dogs won't eat our treats because of how picky they are, only to have their jaws drop when their dogs eat our treats like they have never had anything so delicious before. Maybe they haven't!

This palatability makes our treats great for training because dogs get really excited to do whatever they need to do to earn them.

Also, the soft/chewy texture of our treats is gentle on mouths with teeth issues or soreness, something which can be very common in smaller and older dogs.

It also makes our treats great meal-mixers, since breaking them into small pieces and mixing them into your dogs' food can entice your picky pups to lick their bowls clean.  

Expert tip: soak the small pieces of treats in. a little bit of water for as long as you can before mixing both treats and water into food. Then everything is infused with delicious goodness!

Feeding Guidelines

here are some suggested ways to use our treat line


+ Treat Serving Suggestions

Use as a healthful, nutritious boost for your Pawformance dog! Offer as super, high-value training treats!

+ Training Treats Guidelines

Break into small bite-size pieces to feed quickly while training or while a high-energy activity is happening. Your dog won't have to take time to stop and chew so the fun can continue!

+ Food Topper Feeding

Tear our boosters! Groovy Gator, Remarkable Rabbit, Perfect Pork & Wild Boar, Glorious Goat, or KangaBoo Dehydrated Treats into small pieces and mix into your dog or cat's current food.

Or to add even more flavor, soak these small pieces in water for 20 minutes or overnight, then pour the treats and their soaking water into food and mix in, that way everything is infused with the enticing aroma of our treats. You'll be amazed at how even your pickiest eaters will lick their bowls clean!

Change it up and add a different flavor treat at each meal; variety is the spice of life!

+ Food Topper By Weight

As a food topper, by weight: Included scoop measures 1/2 oz of boosters!

  • <20 data-preserve-html-node="true" lbs: 1 TBS
  • 20-40 lbs: 1.5 TBS
  • 40-60 lbs: 2 TBS
  • 60> lbs: 3 TBS

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