May 2019: The Tiny Pitbull Rescue

Who is The Tiny Pitbull Rescue?

The Tiny Pitbull was created to educate and help the misunderstood breeds. We are 100% donation and foster based rescue, who takes almost any dogs that need us but focus on pitbulls and chihuahuas.  We are constantly working to better conditions in shelters and working on shelter reform.  In the last 4 years, we have saved over 1800 dogs and counting. We continue to stand for the voiceless and the ones who need us the most. 

Why We Love Them

  • We love that they focus on breeds of dogs that are traditionally deemed “bad” or “dangerous”, and on trying to break the stigma attached to these dogs and to help more people realize that these dogs are sweet, loving and gentle.

  • We love that their dogs are fostered in homes where they are given love, behavioral training, basic commands, and most importantly, time to gain confidence and feel safe.

  • We love that they, like us, are from the Bay Area, which means that we get to attend their many fantastic adoption events and get to meet and cuddle their wonderful adoptable dogs

  • Selfishly we also love that we are now the Official Treat of The Tiny Pitbull, which means we are honored to be a part of the love and training given to these dogs, and to be a part of such a dynamic and effective organization

How to Find Out More?