June 2019: Love Leo Rescue

Who is Love Leo Rescue?


We are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, injured, abandoned and forgotten dogs. We provide medical care, training, and other services to these animals to make them ready for adoption and forever homes. Many dogs we rescue require complicated surgeries and costly medical care.

In addition, we launched a spay and neuter program which provides FREE spay and neuter surgeries to people and their pets living in low income and underserved areas. We are dedicated to helping battle the pet overpopulation problem through rescue and preventative programs. 

Why We Love Them

  • Many of the dogs they rescue are sick, injured, abandoned and forgotten, and they believe these dogs deserve a second chance.

  • They provide medical care to those animals in shelters who are so injured they would otherwise be euthanized.

  • In addition to their rescue work, they host a free/low cost spay and neuter program for the low income area of South El Monte.  

  • To date they have spayed and neutered over 500 dogs and cats. In addition – they recently hosted a free spay and neuter clinic in Tijuana and were able to fix over 110 animals there in just one day.

  • We love that they have a vibrant, loving and caring foster community, so that as many of their dogs as possible can heal, adjust and get some basic manners and human and dog-socialization in a comforting and safe home environment.

  • We love that now newly-adopted dogs go home with a bag of our yummy and healthy SuperFood Nuggets treats!

  • We love their Before & After Page. It is the place to go to warm your heart and be inspired by the miraculous recoveries so many of these dogs have made, and see how they are now thriving in their forever homes. Then visit their Adoptable Dogs page and see if you are ready to feel the love yourself. Remember, the life you save may be your own.

How to Find Out More?