Because your dog’s body is a temple too!

Boo Boo’s Best is a holistic treat line with even the pickiest pups in mind. From our superfood treats to our Boosters, your dog is sure to love the way they taste and the health benefits!

These treats are awesome. My dog loves them so so much. Buy a lot of them immediately!
— Someone really awesome

What’s In Our Treats


Did you know that proteins traditionally used in pet foods and treats can actually cause digestive issues? That is why our treats are made with high quality “exotic” proteins to avoid triggering those allergies and other unnecessary issues.

You wouldn’t want to sacrifice flavor for health benefits, so why should your pet? Dehydrated at a low temperature for 12-16 hours, our treats are able to maintain nutritional value while also giving dogs and cats a texture sure to please even the most discerning palate.

We only choose proteins that are low in fat,