Our Story

From Dog Mom to Dog-Treat Connoisseur


Hi, I’m Jocelyn! I never expected to start a dog treat company. I was going along living my life until one day everything changed. That was the day my husband and I adopted Boo Boo.

So many dogs today suffer from obesity, allergies, digestive issues and other health problems, and just like with people, the foods we eat have a direct impact on the way we feel, and how healthy we are.

After my experience with our pup, I felt compelled to create what I wished existed when I was dealing with a dog with special dietary requirements. The rest is history.

I wanted to create something all pet owners could feel good feeding their beloved animal without sacrificing flavor.
— Jocelyn Rosenthal, Owner Boo Boo's Best


(aka Boo Boo)

This is Boo Boo. He’s the smart, fuzzy, silly, unique boy who started it all.

Boo Boo serves an important role in the company as the official taste-tester for everything we make.

When he isn’t working, Boo Boo loves herding other dogs, chasing the ball, getting first place in a novice Barn-Hunt trial, playing in the ocean and running after skunks (though he hates being sprayed).

He also loves being 8 years old but making everyone he meets think he’s still a puppy!


+ Boo Boo's Story: The Long Version

I did not start my career working in the pet industry at all. If you can believe it, I started out as an actor in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Charlotte! After years in the industry I had some serious burnout and started working in the wine industry as an assistant sommelier in San Francisco restaurants.

After navigating a new puppy with digestive issues I decided to dig deeper and learn as much as I could about pet nutrition and ingredients.

I got a Certificate in Canine Nutrition from the Natural Academy of Health Sciences, and I started, along with the counsel of my Holistic Veterinarian and a Holistic Pet Coach, to develop my own whole-food, 100% natural dog and cat treat recipes.

When I researched further and learned what kinds of ingredients are used in commercially processed pet foods and treats, I was so horrified that I became even more committed to creating treats that were made with only the best, most natural and healthful ingredients.

A little fluffball Border-Collie-mix puppy changed everything. My husband and I adopted him on our wedding anniversary in 2011, and from then on my life would take a totally unexpected turn.

As many of you will know, getting a puppy has many challenges: house-breaking, crate-training, every other kind of training, socialization, etc. But we had another challenge: our poor pup seemed to be a poop-machine and not in a good way.

Right away we knew something wasn’t right: from day one, Tuco (who we soon nicknamed Boo Boo) had diarrhea. Not just a little, a lot and every day. So we changed his food, and changed it again, and again. Nothing helped. We tried kibble, wet food, dehydrated food to no avail.

Our vet ran blood tests and said that our poor puppy was essentially starving, and clearly wasn’t absorbing the nutrients in his food, and was 10-lbs underweight. He also seemed to have a sensitivity to chicken and some grains.

After a lot of trial, error and heartbreak, our vet made a suggestion that led to an immediate and miraculous transformation.

Our holistic vet suggested we try feeding Boo Boo raw dog-food. He explained that many dogs simply can’t digest processed food and treats and needed to eat raw or cooked whole foods instead. We started Boo Boo on raw food, and voila, overnight, he was better. His stool went from sloppy to solid, and he started putting on weight.

I was so inspired by this transformation that I wanted to know why it had happened. I started doing lots of research, looking into why this kind of food had made such a difference, and what were the pros and cons of different kinds of food and treat ingredients.

What I discovered was that many dogs have developed issues with commonly-used proteins like chicken, beef, lamb and grains, and that just like with people the quality of the foods dogs and cats eat have a great impact on their health and quality of life overall.

I was on a mission then to create fantastic treats that would be wholesome, healthful, all-natural and completely delicious, with unusual proteins, no grains and only the best ingredients; no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Only the best for my Boo Boo and yours.