Success Stories 

Before Boo Boo’s Best, our 10-year old Shepherd mix Jack was overweight, stiff with arthritis and having loose stool or diarrhea 5-10 times a day. Within a few days of starting Jack on Boo Boo’s Best, his stool was perfect, and after about 6 months on the food, he had gotten down to a perfect weight, was running and walking more smoothly and even started jumping up again to catch the ball. He seems years younger!! Boo Boo’s Best made Jack a different dog, in the best way possible.

Avery & BeN

Healdsburg, CA

My 4 year old Australian cattledog mix Calvin gets about 3 hours of exercise a day at the park with me. He’d gotten bored with his kibble, and I wanted to switch him over to a raw diet. I decided to switch him to Boo Boo’s Best and it was the best decision I’ve made when it comes to feeding my dog! Calvin is a different animal at dinner time now- instead ignoring his kibble (even if I tried to entice him by mixing it with a little cottage cheese or scrambled eggs), Calvin is ready for dinner like clockwork: he is super thrilled to eat his meal, finishes the entire dish and pleads with me for seconds! I’ve noticed he has more energy now, is a really healthy weight (our vet was thrilled with his weight and told me how most dogs are technically overweight even if they don’t look it and this contributes to a shorter lifespan), and is happier all around. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.


San Francisco